It’s not time yet! You’ll spoil the surprise!

As I’ve been pondering and unpacking my thoughts from my trip, it dawned on me that I have never been very patient while waiting to see what’s wrapped up in a present. When I know there is something really good in a box, I don’t want to wait for the right time to open it. I want it now. I want to start enjoying the gift now. Times a wastin’.

Yes, I’ve been known to open a Christmas present or two before December 25th. I rewrapped it them!! I had to have something to open on Christmas morning. 🙂

One time I wanted a new stereo for Christmas. This was going to be a big gift. One that would likely not be wrapped and placed under the tree until the very last-minute. My sister wanted one too, so it was even less likely that if we got them, they would make an appearance anywhere noticeable until the very last possible minute. Well, I wasn’t about to wait until Christmas day. No way! Who would do that? So, I waited until everyone was out of the house or otherwise occupied and made my move. There they were, right inside the walk-in closet. Not even hidden under a blanket or anything. That’s no fun! At least try to hide them from curious, sneaky eyes!!

Well, I had the stereo, but I was miserable. I knew it was in the house. I knew I had to act surprised when I opened it. I knew how disappointed the parent peeps would be if they knew I’d spoiled the surprise. I knew I had the stereo, but I still didn’t get to enjoy it until the appointed time and now I had robbed myself and possibly my parent peeps of the joy of my surprise.

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

I think this verse is cool. I can just imagine the fun God has in sending us on a treasure hunt. I know how much fun it is to find treasures. The thought of Him loving us enough to hide things for us to find is really pretty amazing. He could have just laid it all out there in plain sight, but what is the fun in that? So, as I have been sitting here wishing I could have all the answers wrapped up in a neat little package that I could just unwrap quickly and be done with the searching, I have to stop and consider that maybe He isn’t ready for me to find them all just yet. Maybe He isn’t ready for me to see everything just yet. Maybe I am supposed to just be enjoying the treasures I have found. Maybe I need to take a deep breath and take my time enjoying the search. Or maybe I need to sit back and wait for Him to set the present in front of me when the time is right for me to open another gift He has for me.

There is just really a lot to ponder here…


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