Shhh! They won’t know you are there if you remain silent!!

A few days ago, I shared Hershey’s encounter with Lucy Labrador and the fear it invoked in her. She was obviously afraid of this huge animal that she had never encountered before. I suppose she thought she was about to be eaten….or licked to death. She had never been eaten or licked to death before, so I don’t know exactly why she would have jumped to that conclusion.

There must be something built into all living creatures to keep us out of dangerous situations. An antenna that goes up that says DANGER! I didn’t seem to have the full use of that antenna as a child. I don’t recall being scared of much of anything. In fact, if it was a dangerous situation that was off-limits, I was drawn to it. I didn’t know that plugged in electric cords did not make suitable teething rings. I didn’t consider that gravel, cactus and running were not a good mix. I did get to discover the dangers first hand.

I did have one fear that I remember. I was terrified of making any type of noise in the middle of the night. If I would wake up in the night from a scary dream, it took every ounce of courage I had to holler for help. There was something about breaking the silence that absolutely terrified me. Apparently that fear remains in my home.  It turns out Emily is scared of the same thing. She has an explanation. She said, “You have to stay quiet or the thing will know you are there.”  What?  The thing?  Oh my!!  That big scary thing that is going to eat you or lick you to death?  As it turns out, nothing big or scary EVER got me when I did finally muster up the courage to holler for help.  In fact, help ALWAYS came!  Mom or Dad ALWAYS came to the rescue.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that same “fear” still has a way of showing up and tormenting me.  I think of times I have chosen to remain quiet because of the fear of speaking out and being noticed.  I think about the power of words and how the enemy loves to shut those down.  He doesn’t mind using our words against us and each other, but give us something to say that would bring life to someone else and he is sure to invoke fear to keep you silent. Give us something to say that might rescue someone from darkness and he’ll shut you down if he can.  What if I say something stupid?  What if I’m wrong?  What if I don’t make any sense?  What if they don’t like me anymore?  What if they never want to talk to me again?  I don’t think I’ve ever wondered if they would eat me or lick me to death, but the fear is real.  The fear does the same thing if allowed to rule.  It keeps someone scared and in the dark and in need of rescue.

I’m thankful for peeps in my life who offered life-giving words to me and weren’t overcome by the enemies attempts to silence them..  I want to resist those fears and shout out with words of help and rescue from darkness when given the chance.  I’d hate for any of my peeps to remain in the dark because I let some dumb fear silence me.  I’d hate to remain in a dark, scary place because I was too fearful to holler out to the One who will come running every time to turn on the light!!




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