Just a little spin

Kidnapped today
Yes I was taken away
It was a good thing

I needed to cry
She thought it would be ugly
She may have been right

That is what friends do
They rescue you when they can
They protect you too

This one knows me well
She ignores my ugly words
She might say one too

She bought me a drink
I really needed that one
Dr Pepper please!

Thankful Thursday: He has enough for us ALL!

I was a day late with Thankful Thursday last time so thought I’d balance it out and post a day early this week. Besides it’s funny to picture you looking to make sure what day this is. 🙂

I’ve been a bit too busy to work in blogging this week. School started Monday. Yesterday I began training the replacement for my job. I’ve had a bazillion forms to fill out and sign for school. I’ve had dates to post on my calendar and much to ponder about life and the journey God has me on.

I’ve been a bit emotional about the whole thing for about the past week. My overactive imagination about all the things that might go wrong has gotten the best of me. I’ve been allowing all the negative thoughts to override the hope and joy that God has for me in this season. I really have lived in enough seasons that it shouldn’t be so hard to imagine the good that God has for me. He has had good…great…things for me in each season of my life so far…even the hard ones. Why should I believe a lie from the enemy that this one would be any different. Why should I allow the enemy to push me down into a pit of despair when there is nothing to despair? God hasn’t ever let me down before.

Today was a fun day on this new journey. I had fun training my replacement and pestering her mercilessly about her strengths that will surely be a God thing for the position and our church. My little sister came out and had a bit of fun. I sure hope she knows it was all in fun because I really do think she was made for such a time as this in the life of our church. Yes, I’m talking about the one I am leaving behind, but it will always be home to me. I don’t think you can worship at a place and build relationships there for 15 years and not still call it home. But today, I felt like I was leaving my job in good hands. I thought that before today. Today I just recognized God’s hand in placing someone in that job with a renewed energy and passion to move forward. A person that loves my church as much as me who is excited to be sitting in that office, doing that job.

I also got some unexpected…for me…one on one time with someone who will be a part of the new place I am headed. It was not at all unexpected to Him. I was able to learn a bit about a new friend and share a bit about my journey. I think today was an important step on the path God has me on. It was a hope building step for me. He spoke to my heart through her and that was nice. It was a blessing to me today to know I am headed to a place that speaks boldly and openly of the things they hear from God on behalf of another. That is an area I so want to grow in with Him. I want to hear from Him for me, my family and others so they can be blessed and grow to know Him the way I have because others were bold with the things He placed on their hearts for me.

I sometimes allow myself to get caught up in the blessings of yesterday and forget to remember the blessings of the future aren’t mine to see until God hands them to me. I’ve been listening to a wonderful series on faith that reminded me that His blessings come after we have stepped out in faith to join Him. It’s not faith if you can see it ahead of time.

Thank you Lord for showing me your blessings for my church through this transition. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of what you are doing both in the place I am leaving behind and in the one you have led me to. Thank you for showing me your plan covers all of us!!