The Wind

The wind began to blow in the valley. It started as a gentle breeze just to create an awareness of its presence for those who were still and quiet enough to notice. The few who noticed began to move about inside their walls. They remembered the way the breeze had touched and warmed their skin in the olden days and wanted to experience that touch again. 

They soon realized that the fortresses they had built were keeping both the things they feared and the things they loved from getting close to them. They realized they had walled themselves in so tight that the breeze could not come near them. 

They began to cry out for help and the wind which began as a breeze began to blow thru the valley loosening the bricks. 


What motivates you? Is it love? Why do you serve others? Is it love? Why do you do all the things you do including those things that seem really meaningless like cleaning and vacuuming? Is it love?

Those are the questions I woke up to Friday morning…before I spoke to anyone.

Lord, show me how to love every minute of every day. Show me how to walk in love with every step I take. Purify my thoughts and my motives so that only Your love propels me forward.

Building Hope

Have you ever found yourself in need of an encouraging word even in the midst of a season of indescribable joy? Have you ever needed a word to bring hope for a future you couldn’t see even when you where sure of the One who holds the future? Have you ever needed assurance of more as you stood in the middle of more than enough?

I think as long as we inhabit this side of eternity and even on the best of days and in the most joyous of seasons there will be moments, days, weeks, months….even years like this. I think all our spiritual heroes both in the bible and in our lives experience the need for these things. I actually find that revelation comforting. We ALL need the Comforter.

I have questions. I have doubts. I want more. I need more. He has the answers. He holds the keys. He has MORE than enough.

I found myself in a place of need a few days ago that only He could fill. Well, I find myself there every day if I’m truthful, but that day this daughter was especially NEEDY of the things only her Daddy could provide. And He chose to fill me with hope and peace with words of life and promise and permanence.

Words like…

Glory to glory
Strength to strength

These are my destiny. These are my calling. These are the promises from the One who has the whole world in His hands and breathes life into our lungs every…single…day. These define my yesterday’s, my today and my tomorrow’s with hope and power and love beyond myself or my circumstances.

What about you? What words is He speaking into your heart today?