2012 in review…according to WordPress!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

I only got 39 countries in 2012!  Here’s to more countries in 2013!  Goals are good right?  😉

Ink, Sand and Changing Landscapes

I’ve been sitting here pondering a year-end blog post to highlight my year.  Facebook and WordPress have both created their highlights for 2012 for me and they did a pretty good job.  I’ll be sharing those in both Facebook and WordPress as a separate post just because its fun information.  But…both of those highlights are based on computerized formulas that leave out the feelings and emotions behind the information.   A computer has no idea all that is behind the pictures that I take, the words that I right or the reasons anyone chooses to read or not read a given post on a given day.

2012 was a full year.  It was a year full of blessings.  It was a year full of ups and downs.  It was a year full of change.  I think every year has the potential for life changing moments….some more than others.  2012 was not unlike any other year…really.  We celebrated with friends who welcomed new life into their families.  We cried with friends who had to say goodbye to loved ones much sooner than they planned.  These things were not much different from any other year.

The physical landscape of our life became much more colorful in 2012…new paintin more than one room…and new ink!  As it turned out, these were not the only changes that would mark 2012 in the Wade house…they were just the beginning.

I was blessed with two trips to Destin in 2012…one with friends…one with family…both filled with hours of pondering the journey.  I was blessed to go in April and spend some time with a newly formed group of peeps.  This group proves the blessing of Facebook and blogging in the Kingdom.  We don’t know when God will allow us to all join back up in person like that, but it was a huge blessing and the beginning of life long friendships…I am sure.  And the beach is always a good place for a family vacation, so back I went in July with my family.

And then the biggest change of 2012 would unfold…After much prayer and discussion our family made the decision to leave a much-loved church home to begin a new season in the journey God has placed us on.  That move has taught me many things…

  • Following is a very difficult thing to do when you have been leading.
  • Being on the outside after being on the inside is very humbling.
  • Control is a very misleading word.
  • Sometimes it’s good to remove the props so you can see exactly what you and God really have.
  • Friends and family can’t be defined or limited by man-made walls.
  • While God’s call on a life is very individualized, it’s effects create an unending ripple in the Kingdom. The enemy will exploit those ripples if allowed to.
  • Love covers!

My thoughts and emotions and activities have all been consumed by all that goes with such a decision.  The landscape of our journey is different as we end 2012 than it was as we began.  We have another room that we will paint in January 2013.  I have more ink that I am pondering…but no real plans for adding more.  Trips and retreats are beginning to speckle the calendar.  As I look on the horizon I know it holds adventure…God has made that clear.  I know the landscape will be forever changing along the path…God and history have taught me that.  I have no idea what it will look …I really never did!

We were blessed with good health, fun trips, concerts, softball games and volleyball games to name just a few of the things that filled our calendar.  We retreated and worshipped and pondered the journey God has us on.  We lived the life He gave us this year the best we knew how.  We strengthened old friendships, began to form new ones and had to say goodbye to some old things to make room for some new.  Life is a journey and this year was full of all that means…laughter, tears, letting go and taking hold, tearing down and building up.  I pray we learned the lessons God had for us in this year.  I pray we lived the life well that He gave us.  I pray for His grace and mercy for the mistakes we made and the battles we lost.  I pray He continues to move us forward into all that He has for us in the New Year.

I pray He blesses each of you as you look back over your 2012 and into your coming journey.

Buckle up…I have a feeling 2012 was just a warm up!

Puzzling Christmas Eve 2012

I wanted a challenging puzzle to keep us busy over the Christmas break. This one has proven to be well worth the money on the challenging scale.  After an evening of searching for a warm beverage and Christmas lights we decided to spend the rest of the evening as a family working on the puzzle…well 3 of us did…hey we were still all together!  😉