My bloggy friends need me to post.

Well, they don’t NEED me to post.

I did say that I would post every day this week.

I didn’t exactly do that.

One post took most of an entire day to write, so I think that should count for two days of posting.

Hey, maybe we could put a minimum word limit on this thing.

Oh, I have an idea…we could have a total number of words for the week goal.  Meet the goal and you are done.

Is there a minimum number of sentences required to make up a paragraph?

I forgot all about 5 minute Friday yesterday as I was neglecting my blogging promises.

I wish I had started the timer before I began this randomness.

I could have called it Six Minute Saturday.

The problem is I don’t really know if that would be accurate or not since I didn’t actually time this out.

I really do have a lot of randomness floating thru my brain right now.

Well, actually, much of it is far from random, so I strike that last sentence and repent for calling that stuff in there random!

I’ve committed to blogging the next 7 days so maybe I’ll be able to create order out of the chaos that is the less than random stuff floating around in my brain and get it into some sort of readable format.

For now I’ll just post this randomness and say goodnight and I’ll see all of you here tomorrow with something a little more enlightening or entertaining or understandable.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll even use paragraphs or a haiku.

The Celtic Way of Prayer

I’m sharing this on my blog for the beautiful prayer at the end. I desire all of those things from God!


The Celtic Way of Prayer

The third book I read this last week is The Celtic Way of Prayerby Esther de Waal. I have read this book a number of times over the last 10 years and never fail to gain fresh insights about the Celtic Christian movement and its lessons for us today.

This time I was particularly impacted by the comment:

They saw the world through eyes washed miraculously clear by continual spiritual exercise; they was with “rinsed eyes”. They was with such clarity because the seeing came out of contemplative vision (96).

This concept is one that I need reminding of time and again. Taking time to see the world, with contemplative vision so easily gets lost in the midst of busyness. Living in the present, being alive to the world around, totally listening to God, looking and listening for the sacred in the midst of every mundane act of…

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