Save the Glasses

We are on our 3rd sport since August. We still have our tried and true Rage softball team, but we have officially entered the world of Middle School Athletics and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping my athlete.

Here are some shots of her on the volleyball court.




Last night she made her basketball début as the team captain and helped her team to a 30-18 victory at the #5 position…whatever that means. All I know is basketball is much faster than softball and volleyball…at least that is my excuse for the blurry pictures! 😉




She will run in her first Cross Country meet tomorrow and has informed me that Track and Field and soccer are both in her sights for the Spring. I understand she has talked to her soccer buddies about the goalie position.

I wonder if that comes with a face mask?

The Athlete

Softball bat and glove
Metal cleats and slider shorts
Face mask for the teeth

Volleyball and net
Knee pads for those diving plays
Guarding face with hands

Basketball to bounce
High top tennis shoes for her
Running down the court

The life of my girl
Playing all the sports today
Still no football, yet!

How many years ago?

The other day I mentioned things that just don’t last like they used to. Today I realize I am just not the me I used to be.

I spent the day at Six Flags. I rode one ride the whole day. I sat parked on a bench reading a book, chatting with a kid or people watching the rest of the day. My girls felt sorry for me when they realized I had only ridden one ride. I did not feel sorry for me!!! I had a great day!! Back in the day, I would have closed the park down and been on all the rides. I was completely content to sit out and let the younger crowd enjoy the rides. Would I sound selfless if I said I was just trying to keep the lines down for all the little kids?. 🙂

This evening the parents played a scrimmage game against the 12U Rage team. We ended in a tie, but I am told that we got one extra bat. I cannot verify nor deny that claim. I was too tired by the end of the 2nd inning to know. I did make an excellent catch, yeah me! I did not contribute to the score while up to bat. I told you Gracie’s bat was dead, what do you expect?

I think I’m going to go wash the bench dust off and get back to my book. I think reading is a better speed for me tonight if I can keep my eyes open past the first paragraph.