A Year of Hope!!

Well, we are about to put another year in the books. Another year full of life. Another year full of joy and laughter, tears and sadness. When I look back over the years, they all have that in common. Why wouldn’t they, it’s life, with its ups and downs, good and bad. It does seem some years are heavier in one direction or the other, but they are all sprinkled with a bit of both.

As I look back over 2011, I see a year full of God’s blessings. I see moments of sorrow inflicted by death and a God who comforts. I see moments of confusion and a God who brings order out of chaos just for the asking. I see moments of doubt and a God who reassures with His abundance. I see wounded souls and a God who promises healing for that and so much more. I see people with no direction moving forward with a God who will lead them to glorious places.  I see moments of laughter and a God who knew that would be good medicine.  I see old friendships grow stronger and a God who loves relationship.  I see new friendships beginning and a God who knows we need both old and new for the journey.  I see a path that sometimes takes odd turns and a God who knows exactly where we are going.  I’ve seen snapshots of Heaven and of Kingdom living and a God who wants as to have more of both.  I see people in need of love and a God who has all we need!!

I’ve been asking God for a word for 2012. Something that will speak to me from Him and provide me with direction and focus. Maybe I’ll share what I’ve heard in another post. Maybe I’ll just live in it and see how it plays out during the year. Today as I look back over 2011, the word that comes to mind as I contemplate the ups and downs is HOPE and the kind that only a mighty God can provide. I hope you will look back over your year and find a word to describe what you have seen God do for you in all the ups and downs of life.

Blessings to each of you my friends! Happy New Year!!


There is a very interesting idea out in the blog world. Create a 365 day theme blog. It sounds like fun and some of the ideas out there look like fun to follow.

I haven’t come up with anything that sounds interesting enough to stick with for that long. I don’t think I have enough to say about one single subject. Some days, like today, I don’t have much of anything to say about anything.

I’d tell you about painting the girls rooms, but I want to wait until we are finished so I can show you pictures. I’d tell you how awesome LOR is, but I’m too tired to share any of my favorite lines and if you’re a fan, you already have them all memorized anyways.

Since my blog was designed for pondering and I have no idea where my pondering may lead me, I’ll just stick with the randomness that is what I know. Maybe in 367 days I will have thought of something that might be fun to stick with for a whole year.

There has to be a secret!

Surely there is a secret to scoring high on Just Dance. I don’t know the secret. I’m sure it has nothing to do with rhythm…or keeping a beat…or following along with the moves of the guy on the T.V.

I seem to have several friends who know the secret and are keeping it from me…I can’t figure out why they keep inviting me to play….