Hide and Seek with Daddy! :)

I just finished writing and posting my blog for the day. It is 9:35am and I have writing marked off my mental to do list for the day. I’m sitting here alone in my thoughts with the rest of the mental to do list. The handsome fella is finishing up a short day at work and will be home soon to begin some extended time off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The girls are doing what teenage girls do when they don’t have to get up to go to school…sleeping in. I have much to do but I want to keep writing. In reality, I may not write as much as I’d like this week, so why not take advantage of the fact that something caught my eye right after I entered my last post and caused me to want to keep going?

After I entered my last post, I clicked over to take a look at the stats on my page. I was particularly curious to see how this month was looking because it hasn’t been a stellar month for me in the daily blogging challenge. I wanted to see if I was going to be anywhere near pulling off a decent month after a very rough start. My blog is mostly read by close friends and family, so I don’t get huge numbers, but this month will be half of the usual hits for the first time in 7 months. The graph on this site shows a 30 month cycle. At least this month isn’t an all time low on that chart. Although this month will likely be about 50% less than the past 7 months, there was a month on the chart that was actually 50% less than this month.

Why was my blog traffic so low in June 2013? Why was I drawn to that fact this morning?

Well, for one thing there were only 9 posts that entire month. You don’t actually get many readers if you don’t supply them with something to read. I thought I’d look for clues about why I wasn’t writing much that month, but instead I found something God wanted me to see for right now. 🙂 Click here and you can read the post He led me to. If you’ve read my earlier post, you will know that I wrote about my relationship with Him. You will know I wrote about hiding. You will know I wrote about seeking. And just as I’m finished writing about those things, He found a way to highlight something He wanted me see. 🙂

If you have been raised with Christ, keep seeking things above, where Christ is… Set your mind on things above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Him. Col 3:1-3

Um, yeah! God has a little to say to ME about Hide and Seek, doesn’t He? 🙂


On the way to Breakthrough

What is it about the human condition that tells us we have to get it right the first time? What makes a person believe that if they can’t master something the first time they try then they are obviously a failure? Why do people give up so easily if they hit the slightest bit of resistance?

These questions came to mind as I sat back and watched the first night of homework and the angst associated with it. I wonder if this is just an immature human response or a personality thing. I know its not just a teenage response. I’ve seen it in my own life. I’ve seen it in other adults. I also know that it can be overcome. All successful people have had to overcome it to get to where they wanted to go.

I was reading a story earlier about a man by the name of Todd White who is a radical lover of Jesus and prays for the sick and has seen countless people healed. He goes all over the world taking the love of Jesus to others and bringing Heaven to earth. He sees miracles regularly. But that has not always been the case. According to the book, he prayed for over seven hundred people after he first became a Christian before he ever saw a miracle. He kept going. He kept believing what the word told him regardless of what he was seeing. Today I’d guess most people in the Charismatic Movement and beyond know who Todd White is because of the miracles that occur when he prays. At least partly because of that. What would have happened to all those people who have been healed because Todd didn’t give up pressing in to God for their healing? What if he had stopped short of that first miracle?

The night of homework ended with all of it completed. It ended with the realization that pressing in was a better response than the initial angst. I’m hopeful the episodes of angst when learning a new thing begin to lose their power and a joy in the process of learning can become the overriding response.

I’m hopeful for that shift in the areas in my life where breakthrough to new levels seems out of my grasp. I want to embrace the process and the learning with joy instead of angst that slows me down…or worse…stops me dead in my tracks.