If only you could close your eyes and be there!

I’ve been putting together a playlist for a worship room for a retreat that’s coming up in a week and a half. There is nothing more peaceful than searching for worshipful soaking music. I’d love to take this list with me and go find a wide open field full of sunshine with temps somewhere in the 70’s and a blanket and some snacks and a glass of wine and just lay there watching the clouds roll by and bathe in the sunshine and the music. This field would be full of flowers on a mountainside somewhere. Since I couldn’t find anything on the internet close to what I imagine that wasn’t protected by a copyright, I’ll just close my eyes and dream.


Music Monday: Dedicated to my Peeps!

If you’ve read very many of my posts, you probably know how I feel about Ransomed Heart ministries and their impact on the hearts of women. God is using them in mighty ways in the kingdom.

This week I have four friends traveling to Colorado to take part in the Captivating retreat. One of them has the honor to work at the retreat and be a part of the ministry team. Three of my peeps will be attending for the very first time. I am so excited for them and can hardly wait for them to get back and share their experience. I know that no matter what, they will come back fired up and more in love with our God than ever before. I know they are in for a treat this weekend.

I will likely have a far off look on my face this week. My heart will be on that mountain with them. My thoughts and prayers will be with them. I tried to get one of them to pack me in their suitcase, but I think a warm coat won out when space was considered.

So, today, my post is dedicated to my peeps that will be traveling to Colorado this week to spend time with others and our God. I thought about what advice I might give to someone going to Captivating for the first time and thought I’d share a few songs today that say it better than I can.

And since my favorite part of Captivating is the worship time, I can’t forget to encourage my peeps with this song before they go to worship God with the other 350 + women!

Built it and you can stay! :)


This desk is the work of my handsome fella.  He designed and built the entire thing.  He used parts he got off of our old desk to make the sliding drawers for the keyboards and the printer.  It’s pretty handy that we can just slide the printer out from under the desk, don’t you think?

This is actually the 2nd furniture project he has completed for our house.  His first one was a set of end tables for our couch.  They turned out really good too.  I think I’ll keep him around a while.  I have a growing list of furniture pieces I’m sure I could keep him busy with! 😉