Music Monday: Close your eyes and dance

I spent the day listening to Heather Clark on YouTube. She does know how to set your heart on Him. These were some of the songs that reached out and grabbed me. These are the cries of my heart this day when I settle and just focus on Him and let all of the things I can’t control fall by the wayside.

I bet the line to dance with Him is going to wrap around Heaven.

That wouldn’t be weird…at all.

Tonight I sit here in front of this screen without the foggiest idea of what to write.  Well, not really, but I don’t have the time or energy to put into the real thing that is on my mind.  I actually tried to formulate a post with what was on my mind and couldn’t get it to flow.  That is normally the point where I’d default to a Haiku post because sometimes less is more and I can say just as much with a few syllables as I can with a few sentences.  But not tonight.  Tonight seems like one of those times when what I want to say needs to be tabled and saved for another day.  It’s one of those times when He has more to add to it and if I post it too soon, I won’t have the whole picture to share yet.  That happens too.

It occurs to me that I should be slower to speak in life sometimes too.  Wait for the whole picture to unfold before I go making declarations or rules or demands or judgements.  Maybe I’d make fewer judgements that get me into trouble and make a mess of things if I employed the same rules to my mouth as I do to my blog posts.  Less is more and wait until you have a clearer picture….

I wonder if anyone would think I was strange if I started speaking in Haikus?

Talking in Haiku
Could I count on my fingers
That would not be weird



Hey! You! Come get your Basket!!

Have you ever wanted to ask God for something but you were afraid He wouldn’t answer, so you stopped short?  Have you ever asked Him in a way that would let Him off the hook if you didn’t get the answer you wanted?

I did that today…

I was at a conference I had been invited to by a friend who was one of the speakers.  There were two baskets of goodies that they were giving away.  They were full of all kinds of fun stuff including a book my friend had written and another book by the conference coordinator.  I wanted one of those baskets…really bad.  I thought for a minute about asking God for it, but, well, what if someone else needed it more than me.  That was a noble, selfless thought, right?  Wrong!  I didn’t really want anyone else to have that basket, but I was afraid to just ask God for it.  I didn’t want Him to tell me no.  I didn’t want to be disappointed.

So, I told Him I’d like to have it, but didn’t REALLY ask Him for it and then I proceeded to ask Him to just give them to whoever in the room really needed them.  I asked Him to give them to whoever in the room needed a touch from Him.  And then I busied my mind with distractions…and they had to repeat my name when it was called for the drawing.  🙂

Thanks God for the basket of goodies!  Thank you for answering me even thru my doubt and unbelief filled prayers.  Thank you for KNOWING what I needed this weekend and answering the whimpering, doubt filled cries of my heart.  Thank you for being concerned about the big things and the little things like baskets o’ goodies.