Confusing Colors or Color Confusion?

Aren’t you glad God didn’t create the world in black and white? How weird would it be to look someone in the eyes and just see solid white or solid black eyes staring back at you? I’m glad he made us with color in our eyes…even if my handsome fella can’t appreciate the color of my eyes. My handsome fella is color blind and didn’t know my eyes were blue until after we were married and he mentioned my green eyes to someone much to their surprise.

Just imagine how many of the beautiful flowers and fish would be dull and drab without color. What would a rainbow be without color? What would you call an orange?

This brings me to another question…

Who decided what each color would be called? We know Adam was given the assignment of naming all the animals…which was really generous of God to share that task…I think. If I had designed all those cool creatures I think I would have wanted to tell everyone what to call them. Did God tell Adam the names of the colors? Was that just something that Adam and Eve knew at the time of their creation? Maybe that was one of the things God and Adam and Eve talked about during their time together in the Garden before the fall? Who knows? Fun to think about though.

And another question…

If we know the names of colors…why have we been singing “red and yellow, black and white” since we were little kids when singing about how much Jesus loves the little children of the world? I’ve never travelled outside of America but I have never seen a red or yellow kid or even a picture of a red or yellow kid. Did the writers of that little song think it would be two complicated to use more descriptive colors? Or maybe they were color blind?

And what about the meaning given to different colors? Who decided what a color means? I thought I’d look up the meaning of various colors and found that most colors can be used to define both a set of positive traits and a set of negative traits.

Does this mean the beauty of color is in the eye of the beholder?

What if my eyes are really green like my handsome fella thinks and everyone else is color blind?



Fill in the Blanks

I’ve started and stopped several Haikus. I’ve started and stopped several paragraphs. I’ve decided to just give you a list of random words that describe my day. Maybe you can make up a good story out of them.


Maybe you could use these in your next game of Mad Lib. 🙂

When they saw the Gift

The final presents have been bought and before my head hits the pillow tomorrow night, they will all be wrapped and under the tree. The girls bought and wrapped their own presents to each other and to me and my handsome fella with their own money this year and I have to say it was fun to watch them hunt for the perfect gifts. Their generosity for the recipient of their gifts made my heart smile. Their thoughtfulness in picking just the right gift made my face smile.

One of them told me she has more fun buying gifts to give others than receiving them herself. Both of them conveyed that thought with their actions even if they both didn’t say it out loud.

Do we have to wait until the 25th to open presents? As much fun as it was to watch them buy for others this year, I am ready for them to dig into the gifts. I always want to buy more to stuff under the tree, but with the beautiful spirit of giving that has fallen on them this year, I can’t wait to see their eyes as they watch others open their gifts.

I wonder if that is how God felt when people saw his son lying in that manger for the first time? I wonder if He just couldn’t wait to see the look on the face of Mary and Joseph or the Shepherds? Or was it the look in the eyes of each person who believes in Jesus, that God waits anxiously to look in the eyes and see the flash of excitement? Maybe that is why He wants us to seek is face? So He can see the sparkle in our eyes as we look upon the ultimate gift of love?