No Limits

Do you have a shared data plan for the phones in your family? Do you ever go over the limit? Does each person get their fair share or do some people use an excess while others go without?

We have bumped right up against our limit the past two months. This month we have disabled the data on all our phones with over a week to go before our new allotment kicks in. We are going thru withdrawals together because someone didn’t consider the amount of data they were using and that they weren’t the only ones using it. They didn’t overspend their data maliciously, but they failed to consider just how much their fun was going to cost them and others if they spent too fast.

I started thinking about God’s love and wonder how many people think His love is like a limited family data plan. If I don’t use it, someone else will. I better grab all I can before it runs out. Or maybe there are those who don’t take what is rightfully theirs because they don’t want someone around them with a “greater” need to miss out.

Wait! What?

Are we talking about the God who loved the world so much that He sent His son to die for us? Are we talking about the God whose thoughts of us outnumber the sand? Are we talking about the God who knows how many hairs we have on our heads? All of our heads? Surely THAT God has an unlimited supply of love for each of us to grab hold of each and every moment of each and every day. Surely that God has enough for you AND me and the rest of the peeps in this world He loves too!

Here’s to unlimited LOVE!!! Go get ya some!!!


Don’t Stay Down

Sorting thru the dust
A battle was fought and won
But which side was it

God will win the war
He has won the victory
Some days we will lose

We have got the choice
Voices all around to hear
Which one will we choose

Kick off the dust now
Make the choice to stand and fight
Stand in victory

Open Your Hands

He asked Him to step down because of love…I decide who to elevate and call it love.

He asked Him to give His all because of love…I decide how much to give and call it love.

He asked Him to leave Heaven and come to Earth because of love…I limit where they go and call it love.

He asked Him to endure pain because of love…I protect from all pain and call it love.

He asked Him to endure humiliation because of love…I boost their egos and call it love.

He asked Him to become one of us and endure our pains because of love…I encourage them to protect themselves from others and call it love.

He gave us the choice between two trees because of love…I limit the choices and call it love.

Anyone else see a pattern here?

He let’s go and offers choice because of love…I control and call it love.