Don’t forget to eat your veggies!

Sonic Onion Rings

I thought my peeps knew me pretty well. Did you notice that was past tense? I have been at a loss today for a blog post. I thought I’d throw it out to a couple of my peeps and get some inspiring prompt. Ha!!

They were completely serious and told me to post a recipe. Seriously? Me, post a recipe? Bahahahaha!

Well, I couldn’t ask for a prompt and not use it, so I did the only thing I knew to do and went searching the net for something appropriate to me to share with you.

Sonic Onion Rings Recipe

You can make this wonderful fast food treat, you don’t have to be too exact in measuring anything out.  This can be a messy process, and I really suggest trying to use one hand for dry ingredients, an another for once you begin to dip the onion rings into the milk.  It will go easier this way.  I would suggest making a really large batch of these up at one time, and inviting over a lot of people.  These are messy, but they taste so good.

Sliced and separated Spanish onions
Pan or bowl of water
Pan or bowl of all-purpose flour
Pan or bowl of melted vanilla ice milk
Pan or bowl of ground corn meal
Cookie sheet for air drying

Place above items on counter in order listed. Dip onion in water, then flour (shake off excess), dip in melted ice milk, then corn meal. Gently shake off excess and place on cookie sheet to air dry for at least 20 minutes.
Fry until browned.

Sifting the flour and corn meal once in a while keeps lumps out and makes it easier to coat the rings When placing on cookie sheets to save room, lean on top of each other to allow entire ring to dry.

You can thank my peeps for the extra cholesterol!!  🙂

No Dignity for Hershey

Hershey has had a bit of a rough week. One day she wakes up to discover she’s been given a new piece of wardrobe and gets to start sporting these cute purple panties:


Just about the time she gets used to those, she goes to sleep and wakes up with a hoodie:


Hershey does not care for hoodies!!

This is exciting! The tote board is spinning!! Let’s keep it moving. Every little bit counts….in a huge way!!

Hey Sparky! What Time Is It?

Five weeks ago I launched Project Jubilee with the goal of raising the cost of a rescue mission for the International Justice Mission, an organization that fights human trafficking, slavery, and other forms of violent oppression.   I am now pleased to report that we have raised 12% of the goal amount!  I say “we” because though this project may have my name on it, I am only one of many who are deciding to pool their resources to do something great.  It’s so wonderful to have the help and support of like-minded people.

If I focus on how far there is to go, I become disheartened.  If I focus on how far we’ve come, I forget to keep pushing forward.  And so I have to do a little of both.  I have to celebrate the journey thus far, and at the same time keep pressing forward toward the goal.

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