Don’t Stay Down

Sorting thru the dust
A battle was fought and won
But which side was it

God will win the war
He has won the victory
Some days we will lose

We have got the choice
Voices all around to hear
Which one will we choose

Kick off the dust now
Make the choice to stand and fight
Stand in victory


The Well

There was a deep well
Anyone could draw from it
Few would take the time

There was a deep well
The water inside was pure
Cool and crisp and clean

There was a deep well
The source was never ending
Made for all to drink

There was a deep well
He said first empty your cup
You will need the room

There was a deep well
She went to the edge to drink
She was satisfied

Count in the Countdown

Looking ahead now
But what if I miss today
Planning for next year

Two more days to go
Will they count or be wasted
What if they are it

Make every day count
Thirtieth and Thirty first
A lot can happen

Days to rest and plan
Days to be with family
Days to be with friends

Numbers on the wall
Days ticking quickly away
Cherish every one