A Mighty Little Princess

Have you ever stopped to wonder what Jesus must have been like as a little boy? This time of year it’s pretty easy to imagine him as the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes but we don’t have much to go on when it comes to the rest of his early years. What did he play with? Who were his best friends as a little boy? What was it like for Jesus growing up? I’m sure we could look into the customs of his days and how other little boys grew up and make some educated guesses about what it would have been like.

I got to church a little early tonight and was sitting in the auditorium quietly contemplating the events of my day and talking to God about some stuff. I was watching the intercessors making their way around the auditorium praying and inviting God’s Presence to fill the place and the hearts of those who would arrive to worship. I looked up and saw the cutest little girl standing eyeball to eyeball with me. She looked at me and with a smile asked if she could pray for me. I was not about to turn down a prayer from such a precious and pure heart. That little girl prayed the most beautiful prayer of identity and God’s love for me. So precious. After she finished she smiled, gave me a sweet hug and made her way to pray for others.

The services then began and we worshipped and listened to a message on Peace and my mind wandered back to the things in my life that could use an infusion of Peace. My mind doesn’t actually stray very far from the circumstances of life and the things that threaten my peace right now but that isn’t what this is about.

The message ended and it was time for communion. We got the elements passed out and sat back down to commune. That is when my mind drifted back to the little girls prayer, but this time I was imagining Jesus as a little boy laying hands on people and praying for them. I wondered if he must have done that.

I thought about all the times we talk about Jesus living inside of us and how we are His hands and feet. I thought about Jesus living inside of my little friend and how much of Him she was pouring out onto others this afternoon. I love the way Jesus flowed thru that little girl today. I love the way her prayer continued to bless me as I remembered what Jesus did for me by coming to this earth as a man. I love that she helped me imagine what it must have been like to know that young King. I’m thankful to know a little Princess in His Mighty Kingdom.

Thank you my little friend for sharing a bit of the Jesus inside of you with me!

He Never Forgets Brownies

This week God made my jaw drop! Sunday afternoon my daughters returned from a weekend retreat and my oldest told me she wanted to make brownies with me. She was also dumping some other plans we had made to spend time together as a family, but this was her solution. Spend time with mom baking brownies.

I didn’t have any brownies and she was telling me this at 11:00pm so I stuck it in the back of my mind…and forgot.

Tuesday I went to the grocery store to stock up on some things we needed to have around the house to eat. By then the brownies had been completely forgotten. I did all my shopping, checked out and went home to unload the groceries. I piled all the sacks on the counter, unloaded the things that needed to be put in the refrigerator or freezer and began the afternoon school pick up ritual.

Fast forward to dinner…

The handsome fella and my youngest had left for the youth group meeting and my oldest was helping me fix dinner. We were enjoying the time for just the two of us to hang out. We chatted and laughed and danced around the kitchen. Well, whatever you want to call it. Her version looked like dancing…

So, I began to take things out of the sacks and put them away. That is when my jaw dropped. I saw it first. A box I had not put in my basket. You guessed it…a box of brownies. I must have looked really surprised because my daughter wanted to know what just happened. That is when I told her that I had not put those in my basket. In fact, I hadn’t even put them on the list. Then we both had a jaw dropping moment.

Could it be that God put those in my basket? Could it be that He wanted to make sure we got around to making those brownies? Uh, well, they got there somehow!

I’m sure we could all think of a logical explanation for how those brownies came to be in my sacks. We checked the receipt and they were on it, so I didn’t steal them. It could be that the woman behind me in line didn’t make it home with the brownies she placed on the conveyor belt that day. That is probably how they got in with my stuff. But does the how really matter? Sometimes God lets us see how He orchestrates something and sometimes he doesn’t. That day I was supposed to be at that store and in that line so that those brownies made their way into my basket.

I don’t usually shop at that store. That day I had specifically asked God which store I should go to that day. I think He knew he had a box of brownies waiting to be loaded onto my conveyor belt! 🙂

Maybe I should start Fun Friday posts and keep my eyes open during the week for fun things God is doing. I’d love to hear any fun stories you have from this week!

Careful or Life Giving?

Oh be careful little tongue what you say. Oh be careful little tongue what you say. For the Father up above is looking down in love. So be careful little tongue what you say.

Did you sing that song in Sunday school? Where did your thoughts go when you did? Did you think about what you shouldn’t say? Did you think about the bad words or mean things that you needed to get a grip on?

What about the part about God looking down in love? How did you see that? Was it a loving smile or gritted teeth that you saw? Was He really looking down in love at those horrible things you said or was He ready to smite you if you didn’t straighten up? Did He reserve his loving looks for those who were careful?

I used to sing that song with trepidation. BE CAREFUL! BE CAREFUL! BE CAREFUL! I am a little sister with little sister tendencies and a sarcastic bent. 🙂 I also have a tendency to try things that I’m told I’m not supposed to. I’ve got a scar from a mean old cactus to prove that point.

So telling me to be careful…ohhhh…there must be something fun going on behind those words. 🙂

I realized today that I’ve looked at the words to that song all wrong. Or maybe the song is all wrong. Or may my perspective of the song was all wrong.

I heard what I needed to avoid. I heard that it was all up to me. I heard that He is up there waiting to catch me not being careful. I heard that He was watching my every move for the least little mistake.

Then somewhere along the way I grew up and we stopped singing that song. Oh, I’m sure the wee little ones still sing it. Maybe it has a place with the wee little ones. Maybe it’s like their milk.

But one day I was introduced to the verse about the power of life and death being in our tongues.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit. – Proverbs 18:21

And wouldn’t you know, I keyed in on the power of death being in our tongues. I keyed in on the power to say the wrong thing. I keyed in on the power to destroy. Better be careful with that tongue!

But there has been a shift happening in my heart and mind. I’ve begun to realize that there is another very important part to that verse…the power of life.  That power is also in our tongues. The power to declare His promises over my life. The power to call things that aren’t as if they are. The power to call something up and out of a person that God sees in them that they may not see for themselves. The power to encourage. The power to exhort. The power to speak life into people and circumstances.

“Look also at ships; although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires.” – James 3:4

I read this verse today and something clicked about the power of the tongue. Something clicked about how important it is to use the tongue to speak life. Something clicked about using the tongue to steer my life in the direction I want to go and not just live a life BEING CAREFUL.

Use that little rudder in your mouth to speak life and there is no telling where you and others will go in this life!