Hey! You! Come get your Basket!!

Have you ever wanted to ask God for something but you were afraid He wouldn’t answer, so you stopped short?  Have you ever asked Him in a way that would let Him off the hook if you didn’t get the answer you wanted?

I did that today…

I was at a conference I had been invited to by a friend who was one of the speakers.  There were two baskets of goodies that they were giving away.  They were full of all kinds of fun stuff including a book my friend had written and another book by the conference coordinator.  I wanted one of those baskets…really bad.  I thought for a minute about asking God for it, but, well, what if someone else needed it more than me.  That was a noble, selfless thought, right?  Wrong!  I didn’t really want anyone else to have that basket, but I was afraid to just ask God for it.  I didn’t want Him to tell me no.  I didn’t want to be disappointed.

So, I told Him I’d like to have it, but didn’t REALLY ask Him for it and then I proceeded to ask Him to just give them to whoever in the room really needed them.  I asked Him to give them to whoever in the room needed a touch from Him.  And then I busied my mind with distractions…and they had to repeat my name when it was called for the drawing.  🙂

Thanks God for the basket of goodies!  Thank you for answering me even thru my doubt and unbelief filled prayers.  Thank you for KNOWING what I needed this weekend and answering the whimpering, doubt filled cries of my heart.  Thank you for being concerned about the big things and the little things like baskets o’ goodies.


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