That wouldn’t be weird…at all.

Tonight I sit here in front of this screen without the foggiest idea of what to write.  Well, not really, but I don’t have the time or energy to put into the real thing that is on my mind.  I actually tried to formulate a post with what was on my mind and couldn’t get it to flow.  That is normally the point where I’d default to a Haiku post because sometimes less is more and I can say just as much with a few syllables as I can with a few sentences.  But not tonight.  Tonight seems like one of those times when what I want to say needs to be tabled and saved for another day.  It’s one of those times when He has more to add to it and if I post it too soon, I won’t have the whole picture to share yet.  That happens too.

It occurs to me that I should be slower to speak in life sometimes too.  Wait for the whole picture to unfold before I go making declarations or rules or demands or judgements.  Maybe I’d make fewer judgements that get me into trouble and make a mess of things if I employed the same rules to my mouth as I do to my blog posts.  Less is more and wait until you have a clearer picture….

I wonder if anyone would think I was strange if I started speaking in Haikus?

Talking in Haiku
Could I count on my fingers
That would not be weird




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