The Wind

The wind began to blow in the valley. It started as a gentle breeze just to create an awareness of its presence for those who were still and quiet enough to notice. The few who noticed began to move about inside their walls. They remembered the way the breeze had touched and warmed their skin in the olden days and wanted to experience that touch again. 

They soon realized that the fortresses they had built were keeping both the things they feared and the things they loved from getting close to them. They realized they had walled themselves in so tight that the breeze could not come near them. 

They began to cry out for help and the wind which began as a breeze began to blow thru the valley loosening the bricks. 


Mind Blown x Three

I sat down here to write a Haiku about the three parts of God…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I find myself pondering that mystery this morning. Why did God choose to reveal himself to us this way? Just one of those parts is more than I can grasp and yet there are three to understand. There are three to get to know. There are three to love. But really they are all one…and again my mind is blown.

We try to put God in a box. How can you put even one part of Him in a box? How can you know even one part of Him fully, yet alone all three?

Jesus said if you know him, you will know the Father…and sometimes I wonder if I forget that he came to reveal the Father.

When Jesus left the earth he said he was giving us the Holy Spirit to take his place down here with us…and sometimes I want Jesus to be here with me because I feel like I’m on my own.

So many definitions of God. So many ideas of Jesus and what He came here to do. So much mystery in the Holy Spirit. It’s all written in a book for us to find but yet He has to be revealed a little at a time. We have to search. We have to seek. We have to knock.

I can’t fit Him in a box or a Haiku. I have too much yet to discover. I have too much yet to find. I have too much yet to understand.

One thing I know. One thing I am sure of. He is all parts good. He is all parts love. He is all parts worth pursuing.

But I read the Map

My daughter texted me today to ask if she could go with some friends to get yogurt. That was fine. The only problem was that I was also going to have to pick her up from said yogurt shop at an unspecified time in a town I am not real familiar with. I’d never heard of this yogurt shop and the original name she gave me was a little off from the real one. That one was in California.

Any of you who know my record for driving in unfamiliar territory will not be surprised to hear that I went 5 miles off course before turning around to get to the yogurt shop. Yes, I own a handy-dandy smart phone with a friendly navigator but I had looked at a map on the computer and decided I could do this without her.

How many times have you looked at a map and then headed out and ended up lost even though you had clear and accurate directions? I tend toward being lost when I’m driving without a navigator. Heck, I can manage to get lost with a navigator but it’s far less if I am paying attention.

It occurs to me that I’ve got a map with some pretty clear instructions for life but if I don’t stay plugged in to the Navigator I can get lost even though I’ve read it all my life.

I read today that 60% of Christians don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. That is mind-boggling to me and if you are one of them I’d urge you to go back and spend some time in His word. I’d urge you to take a closer look at that book you use to navigate your life. The Holy Spirit actually inspired each of the writers of that book. Go take a look at what Jesus said about him. You might just find out that you’ve tried to understand the map without plugging in to the Navigator.