The Wind

The wind began to blow in the valley. It started as a gentle breeze just to create an awareness of its presence for those who were still and quiet enough to notice. The few who noticed began to move about inside their walls. They remembered the way the breeze had touched and warmed their skin in the olden days and wanted to experience that touch again. 

They soon realized that the fortresses they had built were keeping both the things they feared and the things they loved from getting close to them. They realized they had walled themselves in so tight that the breeze could not come near them. 

They began to cry out for help and the wind which began as a breeze began to blow thru the valley loosening the bricks. 

The Day the Walls Came Down

They lived in the valley of walls. This had once been a beautiful valley full of vibrant flowers and rich green pastures. Long ago, the air had been filled with shouts of joy and sounds of celebration. The valley had once been a place of refuge until one day the people who lived in this land began to build walls around themselves. Brick by brick, they began to close themselves in and fortify their space. They thought they were protecting themselves although they had nothing to fear. Some days they worked alone building their walls and some days they helped each other. Some days they woke up to find that bricks had been added to their walls by others without their permission. What once had been a beautiful, open valley was now a sea of brick and mortar dwellings as far as the eyes could see and the air was heavy and dark and eerily silent.

But this would not be the end of the story…

The land would soon be redeemed…

The walls would soon be torn down…

Your Own Skin

Are you adaptable? Are you able to make adjustments so that you fit in with those around you? When is the last time you found yourself in a situation that required you to adjust?

What if you didn’t have to adjust? What if someone told you that you could do anything you wanted and be anyone you wanted to be? What if there were no rules other than bringing YOU to the table? Would you know who to be? Would you be comfortable in your own skin without anyone telling you how to act?

What if you had been taught to follow a certain set of rules all your life and woke up one day to find out you didn’t know who you were apart from those rules? What if those rules had nothing to do with who you really were? What if those rules had nothing to do with who you were created to be? What if you found out the rules had been abolished?

Would you breath a sigh of relief? Would you start scrambling for a new set of rules? Would you know who you are? Would you be comfortable in your own skin?

What? You need some time to ponder these questions? Yeah, me too!