Just Imagine

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I didn’t take any pictures of our last night on vacation. Well, except for one of the food. I lost sleep over this last night. It’s a good thing the handsome fella is in the drivers seat headed home because I need a nap.

Last night we enjoyed what has become an annual event at the Tuttle Zoo…shrimp boil.


It is as yummy as it looks and since you don’t use plates or utensils, cleanup is a snap. As you might expect with a nickname like Sparky, the cook adds a spicy kick to her shrimp boil. Yum!!

No dinner is complete at the Sparky house without dessert and since there were Louisiana snowballs and Fireworks, we headed out for a fun evening in Destin. This is where my angst for the lack of pictures kicks in. We ate snowballs and walked around enjoying a festive atmosphere without taking one picture. 😦 I didn’t get one picture of Sparky or any of the other peeps from the Tuttle Zoo. Can’t fix it now but it makes me so sad.

If you ever get a chance to be in Destin around the 4th of July and The Destin Commons is hosting a fireworks show..go! That was seriously the best Fireworks show I have seen in a long time. Disney knows how to do a fireworks show but they’ve got nothing on Destin. I know the pics wouldn’t have done it justice anyways so maybe it’s best that I was just enjoying it and not trying to capture it on my phone.

I’ve got the memories stored in my memory bank and that will just have to do.

Food, fun and fellowship! Picture that!