Have you ever considered who or what you are putting your trust in? Who or what do you trust to protect you? Who or what do you trust with your most important decisions? Who or what guides your steps? Who or what would you trust with your most valuable possessions? Who would you trust to take care of the people most important to you?

Do you trust Siri to get you to your destination?

Do you trust the 24 hour News Channel to keep you up to date on world events so you can protect your family?

Do you trust the financial institution to make good decisions with your money so you actually have some when you are ready to retire?

Do you trust your pastor to tell you the truths that will save your soul?

Do you trust the interpretation of scripture you have grown up with to be THE right answer to all of life’s theological questions?

Do you trust your children’s teachers to teach them the things that will make them succeed in life?

Do you trust your friends to meet all your relational needs?

Do you trust your family to meet all your expectations?

Do you trust that cell phone to protect your child when they are out of your site?

Do you trust that cell phone to protect you when you are out and about?

Do you trust Facebook to build and maintain connections in your life?

Do you have a trusted book or author to teach you important, life altering truths?

Do you have a favorite ministry that you put all your faith in?

Do you trust yourself to get the job done right?

I recently went on an event where I was encouraged to unplug for almost a week. I decided to not only unplug but to travel without my phone. This event included an 8 hour adventure into the great outdoors alone with God. My youngest was very disturbed that I would wander into the woods all alone without a lifeline…cell phone. She wanted to know how I would get help if something happened to me.

I obviously returned from that adventure no thanks to the wonders of technology. I also found out a little about trust while I was there. I found out why there was so much internal chaos and tension in so many areas of my life even with television and books and Facebook and cell phones and friends and pastors and ministries to manage all the things in my life. I had plenty of trust…but it was just¬†misplaced.

I wasn’t trusting God. I wasn’t believing He was in charge. I wasn’t believing He would do all He has promised. What is the opposite of belief? Yup, that was me. WAS!

WAS…and then I came home and got BUSY!

Yesterday, right before I started writing this post, God nudged me and reminded me I was doing it again. I know it was Him because it wasn’t condemning. It was gentle. He was asking me how I had been spending my time. He was asking me where I had been putting my trust. My anxiety was up and my countenance was low and He asked me to stop and look at Him. He asked me to stop and get back together with Him. He asked me to put down everything in my hands and just spend time with Him. He asked me to get out of the 4 or 5 books I’m in the middle of reading and get into the one He wrote for me.

And then He said it again thru the words of a preacher that He knew I’d be hearing last night. He confirmed what He had said just in case I wasn’t paying attention the first time. This was good. It was good because I have a track record that God is changing. I don’t know what your experience of hearing God is, but I tend to hear SLOWWWWLY. It isn’t uncommon for me to finally clue in to what He has been saying on about the 3rd day and the 3rd or 4th attempt to get my attention. But this time I knew what He was saying when he said it and He provided a really quick confirmation that it is important.

He is building my trust in Him, but He needs my attention turned to Him to do that. It is no wonder I feel so unsettled and so scattered with my trust thrown around in so many places other than the One place with any power.

Hide or Go Seek?

It’s November and I’ve been on a break from Facebook for the most part except for posting my daily¬†occasional blog post and a shout out or two. You just don’t skip your child’s birthday! If you are desperate for a place to board your family canines, Facebook is the quickest place for a shout out.

The purpose of this break was/is twofold. I wanted to spend the time I would have spent on Facebook connecting face to face with my family. I wanted to spend that time face to face with God. After all, when I asked Him what He would like me to fast, putting Facebook down was His idea. Seriously, I asked Him for plan B and heard nothing but the creaky noises between my ears.

So, how has it gone? Well, I’m 21 days in and I know a little more about the things going on in the lives of my family members than I did before. I know a little more about me than I did before. I know a little more about what works when we communicate with each other and what doesn’t work. I know a little more about what is getting in the way of our communication with each other and what things work to bridge that gap. I’ve been able to practice those things more. Uh, yeah, this means I’ve practiced some of the wrong ones a little more too, but, hey, how do you think I’m learning those don’t work so well :/

What about that extra time with God? Well, lets just say I’m glad this fast isn’t over just yet. Lets just say I need the discipline. Lets just say I’ve already been considering asking Him for something else when I feel released from this one. Lets just say I’ve got as much to learn about my relationship with Him as I do those around me, or more.

Removing a major distraction from your daily routine may take time to get used to. It may knock you off your feet for a little while. It may send you looking for another distraction if you aren’t purposeful about it. You may discover why you chose that distraction to begin with. You may find it was a great hiding place. You may find you’ve been missing out on both good and bad things while you’ve been in hiding. You will have choices to make. You will have messes to clean up. You will likely find you have relationships in need of repair.

It will take time! But look on the bright side! Without that distraction…you will have the time you will need for all that you see.

What is your distraction? What have you been missing out on? What have you been hiding from? Ask Him! I promise He is faithful to answer!

Shout Out to My Creeper(s)

Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Do you remember the days of secret admirers before the internet? Do you remember the days when watching someone’s every move meant sitting a few blocks down in a dark car being inconspicuous while you watched their house? I have never done that myself, but I have been the victim of it. Well, I was a victim of it because I was with someone who was being followed without their consent. It’s actually a very creepy feeling when that comes to light.

My blog has a “follow” button where you can follow me by email. I also publicize my blog on my Facebook and Twitter accounts so at the moment my blog site says I have 603 followers. I also make my blog public, so at any given time anyone across cyberspace who may be searching a word I have tagged can enter my site and read what I’ve said. I have purposely become vulnerable to being watched by people on the other side of a computer screen. Well, I have given permission for others to see into my thought life and bits of my family life that I choose to share. I actually welcome followers and the vulnerability that comes with that. I have chosen to take a risk.

This site has a stats feature where I can see how many people come to my site each day and how many posts per person have been read, or at least opened. According to those statistics only about 15% of my official followers actually read anything I have to say. That number is probably lower than that since it includes people who are not “officially” following me, but are finding me through a search engine or “creeping” my blog.

Yes, I said “creeping”. Like the kind of creeper that follows you in a car to trace your whereabouts. Like the kind of creeper that watches everything you say on Facebook or Twitter or your Blog but never comments or make it obvious that they are paying attention. Creeper…as in old fashion Stalker. The kind that makes for a good character in a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know where they are going to show up. I suppose “Big Brother” could also fall into that category.

I know that I have at least one of these. I actually find it a bit amusing. I find it amusing because this creeper is looking for reasons to be offended by my beliefs. This person is looking for reasons to condemn and accuse me. This person is looking for ammunition against me. This person would rather use my posts to talk about me than to me. That is really too bad because I make it very clear on my site that I welcome comments. I welcome interaction. I share what I believe on here because I believe it. Sometimes I share what I believe on here because I am sorting that out and growing in my faith.

It occurs to me that this is just part of the risk a writer takes when they put a pen to paper and make it public. It is the risk we all take when we engage in social media of any kind. It is the risk we take when we walk outside the walls of our house. Back in the day you could only be followed by a stalker if you left your house. Now you can be followed with the click of a website.

So go ahead. Watch me. Read what I have to say. If you would like clarification feel free to leave a comment. If you know me personally and would like to sit down for a chat, you know how to reach me. Just understand that I have no desire to argue. I have no desire to defend. I do not desire to convince you or be convinced by you. I am growing in my faith and my beliefs. Those are personal between me and God, just as yours are personal between you and God. If you want to get together and talk about Him and his love for us, let’s have coffee. If you want to get together and share what He is doing in your life or hear what He is doing in mine that would be awesome! If you want to have a conversation filled with life and light, let’s do it!

Until then…grab a cup of coffee and enjoy and may the God that loves you fill you with life and light!