Cover up

Is it winter where you are? I don’t know if it is officially winter here on the calendar, but it was snowing earlier. It’s been a cold, wet weekend. I understand we can expect a lot more of this here the next few months. I am looking forward to the snow, assuming the forecasters are right and we will get more than average for this area of the country. I am looking forward to hunkering down under a blanket in a warm house.

Hunkering down under a blanket in a warm house is much more enjoyable than hunkering down under a warm blanket outside in the freezing cold air with a light mist falling on you. I did the latter this weekend and I can say I do have a definite preference.

You know…now that I┬áthink about it…life is much like that. Life can be harsh. There will be seasons that are cold and rainy. Living through them under the proper Covering is much better than living them completely exposed to the elements.

I think I’ll grab me a hot beverage and hunker down…how do you want to spend the winter?