Pondering by the Tree

Counting my blessings
Some are covered in paper
Shiny bows on top

Full of surprises
Treasures bought with cold hard cash
Carefully chosen

Looking around me
Seeing blessings cash can’t buy
Priceless Precious Hearts

Some are family
Some are friends both old and new
Each one here by God

Thank you for the gifts
Thank you for my family
And my treasured friends

Chores or a Blessing?

I sure wish this pile of laundry would fold itself…it would bless my family.

I sure wish this floor would vacuum itself…it would bless my family.

I sure wish those boxes would put themselves back on those shelves built for them in the garage…it would bless my handsome fella.

I SURE wish those dishes would jump out of the sink and into the dishwasher on their own…that would really bless my fella.

I sure wish that car would drive to the store and get some groceries…that would bless my family.

Don’t these inanimate objects know I have more important things to do with my time?

Wait! What?

Better things to do than bless my family?