Boxed, Framed or Remembered…Its Your Story

Do you take lots of pictures of your family and friends? Do you rely on snapshots or spend the money on something more professional to mark the progression of your family thru the years? If you rely on snapshots, do you use the camera on your phone or a real camera made for taking quality pics? What do you do with those pictures? Do you choose your favorite to stick in frames and hang or display prominently around your house? Do you have a few on your refrigerator? Do you put the rest in albums or boxes or leave them hidden in your phone or computer? Are your precious and not so precious moments tucked safely away or on display for the world to see? What would happen if your computer crashed or your house burned down or you lost your phone? What would happen if iCloud evaporated?

What would happen if you laid all your photos out side by side? Would they tell the story of your life? Would someone who doesn’t know you be able to look at your pictures and really know you? Do the pictures in the frames tell the whole story?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Which pictures of yours are worth a thousand words? Are those the pictures you choose to frame, the ones in your boxes or the ones hanging out in your phone? Or are they the ones you didn’t take? Are the thousand word pictures the ones locked away in your mind or heart because the moment was too precious to interrupt with a camera or share with the world in a frame?

What about the big picture? The one that doesn’t fit in a frame? The one that is ever-expanding. The story of your life? The picture that tells more than a thousand words…sometimes in just one day? Do you have that picture on display for the world to see or do you have it tucked away somewhere? Do you value and protect that picture? Would you frame it the way it is or give it room to grow and expand?

I am thankful for the people in my life who live out loud. I am thankful for the people who share the stories of their lives and not just the pretty, smiley faced ones. (Wait, all my friends are pretty smiley, faced peeps, I’m talking about their stories!) I am thankful for the people in my life who are in the process of growing and expanding and busting out of the frames and boxes of their past and sharing those moments with me and others so that we can grow and expand.

Who have you invited into your story lately? Maybe there is someone who needs to see what is in those boxes that you are afraid to share? Maybe they have a picture you need to see? Maybe you will discover that your lives are part of a bigger picture that you are both a part of?

Or maybe you need to let God have a look inside those boxes with you and talk about some of the pictures that you’ve tucked away?




Hide or Go Seek?

It’s November and I’ve been on a break from Facebook for the most part except for posting my daily¬†occasional blog post and a shout out or two. You just don’t skip your child’s birthday! If you are desperate for a place to board your family canines, Facebook is the quickest place for a shout out.

The purpose of this break was/is twofold. I wanted to spend the time I would have spent on Facebook connecting face to face with my family. I wanted to spend that time face to face with God. After all, when I asked Him what He would like me to fast, putting Facebook down was His idea. Seriously, I asked Him for plan B and heard nothing but the creaky noises between my ears.

So, how has it gone? Well, I’m 21 days in and I know a little more about the things going on in the lives of my family members than I did before. I know a little more about me than I did before. I know a little more about what works when we communicate with each other and what doesn’t work. I know a little more about what is getting in the way of our communication with each other and what things work to bridge that gap. I’ve been able to practice those things more. Uh, yeah, this means I’ve practiced some of the wrong ones a little more too, but, hey, how do you think I’m learning those don’t work so well :/

What about that extra time with God? Well, lets just say I’m glad this fast isn’t over just yet. Lets just say I need the discipline. Lets just say I’ve already been considering asking Him for something else when I feel released from this one. Lets just say I’ve got as much to learn about my relationship with Him as I do those around me, or more.

Removing a major distraction from your daily routine may take time to get used to. It may knock you off your feet for a little while. It may send you looking for another distraction if you aren’t purposeful about it. You may discover why you chose that distraction to begin with. You may find it was a great hiding place. You may find you’ve been missing out on both good and bad things while you’ve been in hiding. You will have choices to make. You will have messes to clean up. You will likely find you have relationships in need of repair.

It will take time! But look on the bright side! Without that distraction…you will have the time you will need for all that you see.

What is your distraction? What have you been missing out on? What have you been hiding from? Ask Him! I promise He is faithful to answer!