The Little Engine that Could…not…write

I just wanted something simple to get my wheels churning so I could climb back into the blogging world on some sort of solid footing. I asked for a prompt from my peeps over at Sparky’s Blog Challenge and now my head is about to explode. I was given two questions. What do you want to be the same in 5 years and what do you want to be different in 5 years?

Maybe we will start a little closer to the present moment. In 5 minutes I would like to be lying in bed with my eyes closed and my head resting on my pillow instead of sitting here thinking about blogging. I would still like to be barefoot because socks while sleeping just sounds a little too confining tonight.

This post was brought to you by the good folks over at Sparky’s Blog Challenge…you should check them out! Good bunch of folks! 🙂