Beauty for Ashes

I have a puzzle in the other room waiting for someone to get back to it. We started it just after Christmas and then life got busy and the puzzle has been mostly forgotten. The edge is mostly finished and the pieces for the red chair have been pulled out of the box and placed on the table waiting to be connected. I want to finish the puzzle. I certainly don’t want a wayward chocolate lab or a fire to destroy the puzzle before we get to put it together.

But, my life? The pieces of my life? I’ve tried to piece those together without His help before and that didn’t work so well. I’ve try to do it on my own before. I’ve tried to hold on to my plans and my ideas and the pieces that I was sure I couldn’t live without….good and bad. I’ve tried to hold on for dear life and control everything and everyone I thought I could.

One day He asked me to trust Him with the pieces. One day He asked me to give Him those things I held so tightly. One day He promised me beauty for ashes. And He faithfully kept His word and asked me to do the same again tomorrow and the next day and the next day…

Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend (Psalm 5:3 MSG)


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