The Exchange

One day the girl walked out the door weighed down with every suitcase and bag she could carry. She had been invited to give her things away to a man who would take the items that no longer fit or just didn’t match the life she longed to live if only she would take him the stuff. She needed to make space for new things and hadn’t been successful at ridding herself of these things on her own so she accepted the invitation.

When she arrived at the destination she was weak and tired. The journey had been long and her bags heavy. She had considered turning back several times but knew she had gone too far to go back without making the exchange. Something deep inside told her this journey would be different. This journey would be the one her heart had longed for. This journey would be the one that lightened her load and set her on a new path.

As she walked up to the door she took a deep breath and began to cry as the man who wanted her stuff flung open the door and with compassion in his eyes welcomed her inside.


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