Pick the Glowing Ones

She wondered how many words she had left in the sack? She had been told there would be just enough to finish the task, but she wasn’t told how many she had or how to use them so she didn’t know if she had already spent the words meant for a later day.

She knew how powerful words could be and hoped the words left to say would pack a special punch. If it is true that life and death are in the power of the tongue then she must be careful with the words that remained. She was sure some had been used unwisely ushering in death and she wanted none of that for the rest of her allotted words.

As she opened the sack she noticed something she had never noticed before. The words inside the sack were either full of darkness or filled with brilliant light. She determined at that moment to never again grab the words without stopping to see if they were words filled with brilliant light or full of darkness. She would have to slow down. She would have to choose carefully.


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