Thankful Thursday: Gifts that Fit

The presents have all been unwrapped. The Christmas dinner has been prepared and devoured. Nap time has come and gone. Tomorrow we will begin the task of exchanging gifts that were too big or too small or just not right.

I don’t know about you but that is the part of Christmas I don’t like…the disappointments. The gift that failed. The gift that was too big or too small or just not right. The expected gift that wasn’t under the tree. The shoulders that slump or the faces that droop.

The lists are always longer than the funds so there is always a chance that the thing most wanted doesn’t end up under the tree. Small, Medium and Large is not always small, medium or large so there is always the chance something isn’t going to fit just right. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder so gift giving can sometimes fall short when the giver has a different view of beauty than the receiver. It would be nice if we were all mature enough to accept a gift based on the heart of the giver and look past the gifts themselves when they fall short of our expectations, but let’s be real. We all want our clothes to fit. We all want to wear things that make us feel good regardless of how the person that gave it to us feels about it. Most of us want what we want.

I received a check in my spirit today as I was watching some of the reactions to gifts I had given that failed to meet the mark. I had no intention of placing gifts under the tree that would cause disappointment, but some of them did. I had planned and shopped and chosen the gifts that I was sure they would want, but some were too big, some were to small and some were just not right. Some seemed great in my eyes, but NOT in theirs.

And then I thought about the things I ask God for that I don’t receive. I thought about the things He gives me that don’t seem to “fit”. I thought about the things He gives me that turn out to be incredible gifts in the long run after I have initially pitched a fit about them. I thought about the things He gives me and the things He withholds and my reactions to Him in those moments.

He is a God of unlimited resources and yet I do not receive everything I ask for. He has blessed my life richly and yet I still want more. He has given me the ultimate gift of His love and friendship and salvation and yet I find myself disappointed when other gifts of His that I desire seem out of reach. He offers me relationship and I want His stuff. He offers me love and I want His gifts. I think He wants to give me His gifts. I think He wants to provide me with blessings that fill my life with joy. But, He wants me to want Him more. He doesn’t withhold because He is limited. He withholds because He knows what will fill that wanting space inside of me best. He knows what will truly bless my life and the lives of those around me.

He knows how to give gifts that are not too big or too small but are ultimately just right!

Thank you Lord for the gifts you give and the gifts you withhold. Thank you for the gifts that don’t seem to make sense to me at the time. Thank you for not giving me anything that doesn’t fit. Thank you for the gifts that I have had to grow into. Thank you for the ultimate gift of your unfailing love. 


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