FMF: The Time Bomb aka Procrastination

Five minute Friday time!

Ready, set…Go!

Oh…wait! I better set the timer!


Today I actually have more than 5 minutes worth on my mind to share on here but there is too much to do today with the Christmas break beginning for my girls in just a few hours.

I woke up this morning more refreshed than usual. Of course, I went to bed a little earlier than normal. Funny how sleep can refresh you better than, well, caffeine.

Oh…speaking of caffeine…how on earth did I forget I have a cup of coffee growing cold on the counter?

Oh…yeah…the reason I’m only blogging for 5 minutes today.

The. To. Do. List!!!

I think my time is almost up so I’ll leave you with this…

Procrastination is not as much fun as you think when you turn around and see it about to close in on you. That thing actually does have teeth and it’s bite is worse than it’s bark. It may look like a cute little pet but Oi!!!


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