FMF: Shopping and a Little Commotion

Five Minute Friday…Ready Set Go!

This has been a really good couple of days at the Wade house. It began with dinner out with the High Schooler last night and ended with shopping and Starbucks with the Middle Schooler tonight. We even ran into a going out of business sale and grabbed up some jeans for 40% off. Pretty sweet find since that is what we were looking for to begin with. 🙂

I think I’ll keep these two…and the handsome fella they call dad. 😉

We had some excitement in the neighborhood this evening when the party of teenagers got a little too noisy for the nosy neighbors liking. I’m pretty sure it was just a noise problem since the police came and went pretty quietly and quickly. I hope to find out when my teen returns from said party. Don’t worry. Her and her friends were actually at my house when the ruckus began.


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