Mom Pop Culture Probs

Someone call 911! I am singing along to Justin Bieber Christmas songs out loud in public! I think I may have even been tapping my foot or bobbing my head or some other move that would indicate I was into the song.

When you call you might want to have them dispatch to several locations because surely the store owners are also in need of help if they are playing Justin Bieber during the middle of the day when all the kids are tucked safely away at school.

Could it be that we are all slowly being brainwashed by pop culture? Are we like the frog in the pot of luke warm water that is being boiled to death because he doesn’t realize the water is getting hotter and hotter until it’s too late?

I wonder if we changed up the lyrics to these songs and just kept the same catchy tunes if anyone would notice? Have you listened to some of the lyrics to these songs? Surely it is the tune and not the lyrics that has every Middle School and High School girl all abuzz.

Please let it be the catchy tunes and not the lyrics!!

(I wonder if the use of Justin Bieber in a blog post will increase my blog traffic the same way the use tattoos and illegal drugs did? Another Pop Culture thing?)


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