What did you call me?

This weekend I was asked how I got started blogging by a writing coach during a casual conversation. I’ve been at this now for over 3 years and it doesn’t get old because I enjoy doing it. I’ve been blogging since August 3, 2011. This will be my 910th post. That almost makes me want to hold off on talking about this until I hit 1,000, but then I wouldn’t know what to post today and I need to keep going if I intend to make it to 1,000. I hope I am paying attention when I get there and have something really great to say that day. Who would want to waste a milestone with just some random thought?

I started this journey as part of the Sparky’s Blog Challenge group. The very loose rules of the group were to post daily at least 3 sentences or a picture and a sentence.  You could recommit or sit out on a weekly basis, so there was no real pressure. The only consequence of failing to meet your commitment to blog daily was a little friendly harassment and the threat of finding yourself carrying a trail of toilet paper on your shoe. I think those are the rules. I am sure someone from Sparky Nation will correct me if I am wrong and toilet paper my house or something.

Somehow those consequences and the threat of toilet paper attached to my shoe didn’t keep me going for very long. If the rules and threats were motivating me, you would now be reading my 1,186th post and I would likely be very tired of this game. In reality, I’ve missed nearly 9 months of blogging opportunities over the past 3 years and 3 months.

Did you know that with all that writing I don’t consider myself a writer? Writers write books. Writers publish important articles in magazines. Writers create scripts for plays and movies. Writers put together lyrics for singers. OTHER people write blogs. I’ve posted nearly 23 entries a month for the past 39 months but I’m not a writer…what?

Can you relate to that?

What are you? What kind of title would others give you that you haven’t yet accepted? Why not? What holds you back? What makes you doubt your abilities? What would have to happen to move you from how you see yourself to how others see you? Do you value who others say you are? Do you believe in yourself? Do you need more recognition? Do you need a bigger platform? Who told you that right where you are in your growing skill or talent isn’t good enough? Who told you that if you aren’t published by a major label that you aren’t good enough to call yourself who He made you? Is it about money? Do you need monetary value attached to something to call yourself by that official title…whatever it is?

Welcome to my stream of consciousness….maybe some day I will invite you in to some of my answers to those questions. Right now I am going to go think about what I’m going to post write on my blog tomorrow. 🙂


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