It sure wasn’t Charmin

I jumped on my blog to post something for the first day of December and the first day of my daily blog challenge for this week and it was snowing on the screen. That catches me by surprise every year.

I thought I’d blog about something my preacher said not long ago about how you know what is inside you when life squeezes you and you get to see what comes out. It was on my mind last night because I heard another preacher say something very similar this weekend. It was also on my mind because I got squeezed today.

I got squeezed and there was no doubt what was inside of me. A mama rose up inside me today when I was squeezed. I think it was a mama bear. The sound resembled that anyways. I’m pretty sure if I had been where I could have been seen by others I would have looked like a mama bear too.

Of course, that is my perspective of what came pouring out of me.

There is a possibility that someone else saw a mama dog spill out. I guess it all depends on your perspective.

I really don’t think that is what my preacher was talking about…or maybe it was.




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