Brought to You by Smart Phone(s)

What would a family gathering of 14 people be without an adventure? What would an adventure be without getting lost…twice…with Siri guiding the way?

My step sister and I embarked on a journey to the park with two teenagers. This meant we had a total of 4 smart phones to guide the way. We are staying in a vacation rental that advertised a nearby park. So, after a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal we headed out…on foot.

The first stop brought us to an empty field. Uh, that was not a park. I think someone needs to tell Siri what a park is. This was my one shot and Siri blew it. My step sister decided to take over. Surely her phone was smarter than mine.

By this time my sister in law and 3 year old nephew had decided to join us. Lucky for them we had made our way back to a location that was on their way to the park. We told them we knew where we were going and off we went. And went. And went.

Then we arrived…



Um…this is not a park either. I am not sure who was responsible for this navigation but they clearly did not know what a park is either.

Here is the discussion that ensued…


Maybe the sister-in-law and 3 year old nephew could help us find this park. I am pretty sure it was the nephews magic powers that helped up get there. I think he keeps them in that fancy blue ball.


While we were there we decided to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and snap a few cousin pics.





After our long hike and fun at the park we decided it would be dark before we could get home if we walked back. And really, who knows where we would have ended up?

Thankfully we had a way to call for help and the rescue squad came to get us. Somehow they didn’t get lost.


So, the next time you want to go to the park, you can either call this crew…


Or a cute little 3 year old with super powers and a shiny blue ball!


One thought on “Brought to You by Smart Phone(s)

  1. thiedeann says:

    Loved your adventure! Thanks for sharing, pics and all! Know your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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