Shout Out to My Creeper(s)

Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Do you remember the days of secret admirers before the internet? Do you remember the days when watching someone’s every move meant sitting a few blocks down in a dark car being inconspicuous while you watched their house? I have never done that myself, but I have been the victim of it. Well, I was a victim of it because I was with someone who was being followed without their consent. It’s actually a very creepy feeling when that comes to light.

My blog has a “follow” button where you can follow me by email. I also publicize my blog on my Facebook and Twitter accounts so at the moment my blog site says I have 603 followers. I also make my blog public, so at any given time anyone across cyberspace who may be searching a word I have tagged can enter my site and read what I’ve said. I have purposely become vulnerable to being watched by people on the other side of a computer screen. Well, I have given permission for others to see into my thought life and bits of my family life that I choose to share. I actually welcome followers and the vulnerability that comes with that. I have chosen to take a risk.

This site has a stats feature where I can see how many people come to my site each day and how many posts per person have been read, or at least opened. According to those statistics only about 15% of my official followers actually read anything I have to say. That number is probably lower than that since it includes people who are not “officially” following me, but are finding me through a search engine or “creeping” my blog.

Yes, I said “creeping”. Like the kind of creeper that follows you in a car to trace your whereabouts. Like the kind of creeper that watches everything you say on Facebook or Twitter or your Blog but never comments or make it obvious that they are paying attention. Creeper…as in old fashion Stalker. The kind that makes for a good character in a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know where they are going to show up. I suppose “Big Brother” could also fall into that category.

I know that I have at least one of these. I actually find it a bit amusing. I find it amusing because this creeper is looking for reasons to be offended by my beliefs. This person is looking for reasons to condemn and accuse me. This person is looking for ammunition against me. This person would rather use my posts to talk about me than to me. That is really too bad because I make it very clear on my site that I welcome comments. I welcome interaction. I share what I believe on here because I believe it. Sometimes I share what I believe on here because I am sorting that out and growing in my faith.

It occurs to me that this is just part of the risk a writer takes when they put a pen to paper and make it public. It is the risk we all take when we engage in social media of any kind. It is the risk we take when we walk outside the walls of our house. Back in the day you could only be followed by a stalker if you left your house. Now you can be followed with the click of a website.

So go ahead. Watch me. Read what I have to say. If you would like clarification feel free to leave a comment. If you know me personally and would like to sit down for a chat, you know how to reach me. Just understand that I have no desire to argue. I have no desire to defend. I do not desire to convince you or be convinced by you. I am growing in my faith and my beliefs. Those are personal between me and God, just as yours are personal between you and God. If you want to get together and talk about Him and his love for us, let’s have coffee. If you want to get together and share what He is doing in your life or hear what He is doing in mine that would be awesome! If you want to have a conversation filled with life and light, let’s do it!

Until then…grab a cup of coffee and enjoy and may the God that loves you fill you with life and light!





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