His Rescue Mission

Redemption…have you ever really given that word much thought? Have you ever been redeemed? Do you need to be redeemed? Do you know anyone that could use a little redemption? Have you ever tried to redeem someone? Have you ever tried to redeem yourself? Uh, did you realize YOU can’t actually redeem anyone? Not even your closest family or friends? Not even yourself or your own flesh and blood?No matter how hard you try?

This is how dictionary.com defines redemption:

1. an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed.

2. deliverance; rescue.

3. Theology. deliverance from sin; salvation.

4. atonement for guilt.

Here are a few things God has to say about it in His word:

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace – Ephesians 1:7
Why should I fear in days of adversity,
When the iniquity of my foes surrounds me,
Even those who trust in their wealth
And boast in the abundance of their riches?
No man can by any means redeem his brother
Or give to God a ransom for him—
For the redemption of his soul is costly,
And he should cease trying forever—
That he should live on eternally,
That he should not undergo decay. – Psalm 49:5-9
He has sent redemption to His people;
He has ordained His covenant forever;
Holy and awesome is His name. – Psalm 111:9
O Israel, hope in the Lord;
For with the Lord there is lovingkindness,
And with Him is abundant redemption. – Psalm 130:7
Here is Big Daddy Weave’s take on Redemption:

Yes, redemption has been on my mind today. I am in need of rescue. I have close friends and family who are in need of rescue. I know I am not alone even though some days it feels like I’m the only one who ever makes mistakes that need to be covered and redeemed. Some days those aren’t even mistakes. Some days those are on purposes.

I can’t do it myself, no matter how hard I try. No matter how well I behave. No matter how many prayers I pray or scriptures I read or even commit to memory. I can’t rescue anyone else no matter how many great speeches I make. I can’t rescue anyone with a great blog post. I can’t rescue anyone by beating them over the head or begging them to reach out a hand. Even if they reached out a hand, I am not the one who could redeem them.

Maybe I should stop trying and place my hand in His and allow him to do his thing. Maybe I should stop trying to drag others up out of their pits and make room for Him to reach down and grab their hand.


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