Music Monday: Shining in the Shadows

This song has been playing in my head for a few days. Well, the lyrics, “The shadow proves the sunshine.” I suppose you could prove the sunshine without a shadow. You could feel the warmth on your skin. You could see the squint in someone’s eyes from the blinding sun. You could see the flowers blooming that only bloom in the sun. But, maybe those are just other things that prove the sunshine like the shadow.

What if proof is the way we humans learn the best? It seems like needing proof is as old as that tree in the garden. Will that really happen if we eat the fruit from that tree?

I’m into my 15th year as a parent and I can tell you it has been my experience that kids need proof. I’m also learning that sometimes I don’t know what is inside them until I can see what is lurking behind the shadows…or shining thru them. Sometimes I can’t see them clearly until I see them in someone else’s shadow. Sometimes I don’t know what they will do until they are staring face to face with darkness that they have never faced before. Sometimes they just won’t believe me until they have seen a shadow for themselves. Sometimes the proof they need that the light I have been sharing with them is real is the contrasting darkness.

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you try to protect your family from the dark? What if the only way they will begin to trust the light is to see the contrast? What if a cleaned up and protected environment is doing less to teach them about the light than you think it is? Do you know how much light you have managed to instill in your kids? What if the only way to find out is to allow them to get a little closer to the shadows than you thought was safe? What if that is when you get to see the light glowing from within them? What if that is when you find out where the cracks are that need to be repaired so that they can hold the light and shine more brightly?

How will they really know how bright the light is without being exposed to a little darkness? How will you know how bright their light is?



4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Shining in the Shadows

  1. Joann says:

    good reminders for me today πŸ™‚

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