Which Freedom?

What does freedom mean to you? What do you think of when you think of the freedom that men and women have lost their lives to defend in our country? What about the innocent people who lost their lives on the other side to keep our freedom? What about their freedom?

What about those in our own backyards who lose their lives or innocence in the name of someone else’s freedom? Most people don’t live on a deserted island. Most people’s choices will have a ripple effect on those around them for better or for worse. There is a price to be paid for freedom. Freedom and the right to choose comes with a cost.

I recently saw a debate over the freedom of choice. The choice was one that at the least degraded women and young girls and at the worst had the ability to feed the thoughts and appetites of those inclined towards pedophilia. The debate began as outrage over the choice being presented in the first place was expressed. I fell on the side of the outrage and became shocked as the freedom of that choice was defended.

I don’t know the defender of the choice. It became clear that he had fought for our country to defend our freedoms and has a VERY wide scope of what that freedom is. He believes wholeheartedly in the freedom of choice. I do wonder what defending that freedom cost him personally. Did he pay such a heavy personal price that ALL freedom is precious to him even if it is not what he would choose?  Even if it came at the cost of someone else? Did that personal price give him a perspective that I just don’t understand?

I believe in freedom of choice. I believe the God I serve believes in the freedom of choice. He is, after all, the One who placed the two trees in the perfect garden and then made it possible for them to choose the wrong one. He placed the ultimate choice to destroy their perfect world, His perfect world right there on display in front of them. Apparently, He even made it look appealing. I really doubt that with all the other perfection that was in the garden, that tree looked anything but perfect. I doubt the fruit hanging from its branches that lured Eve there in the first place looked anything less than tantalizing. The thought of what picking that fruit would mean had to break God’s heart and yet he offered it.

Another voice in the debate above was also a man who has fought to defend our country and our freedoms yet he was outraged by the choice being presented. He was outraged by the things being offered by that choice. He was outraged by the message being sent by the choice. He was outraged by the way young girls were being exploited by that choice. RIGHTLY SO!!

Does God give us freedom so that we can destroy ourselves? Does He offer freedom so that we can destroy others? Do the men and women in uniform fighting for this country and our freedom really sacrifice so that we are free to choose perversion? Is that really what they are fighting for? I don’t think so!

God offers freedom because he is after our hearts. He offers freedom because of love. He offers freedom and love because he refuses to accept anything less in return. He sacrificed his son to buy our freedom back because of perfect love. He still offers a choice to accept that sacrifice or not. He stills offers the choice to choose life or death, purity or perversion. But that choice always comes with a cost! There will be a price to pay. There will be consequences when life is not chosen.

I am thankful to Jesus for paying the ultimate price for my ultimate freedom. I am grateful for the sacrifice of the men and women in uniform and their families and friends who give up so much that I might live in the land of the free. I am thankful that freedom gives me a voice in the fight for those who can’t speak for themselves. I am thankful that freedom gives me the ability to boycott anyone who would choose to exploit others by offering a choice to do just that. THAT is the freedom I believe we are fighting for.



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