Thankful Thursday: Catch the Honor

I stopped cleaning house for a few minutes to check in on Facebook and write a blog post. I have a lot more to clean before my company arrives for the weekend, but I had been off Facebook just about as long as I could stand it. I wasn’t planning to spend more than a minute on Facebook…

How can you spend just a minute when you open up your news feed to bombs of love and honor being poured out on so many people? This began last night when my Pastor began filling up the space with words of encouragement and recognition and honor for different members of our church. It was so much fun to end the day reading the different great things he had to share with so many great people. Little did I know I would wake up to find he had honored more people. The fun continued and has become contagious!

This morning my news feed continues to be filled with people honoring one another because of his example. Friends honoring friends. Husbands honoring wives. Wives honoring husbands. Leaders honoring followers and followers honoring leaders. I need to be cleaning, but who wants to clean when so much love is being poured out?

Do you have people in your life who could use some encouragement? Have you given honor where honor is due? Who in your community could be called up to a higher place with just one good word spoken over their lives?


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