The wide open field was a familiar place to the little girl. She had played there many times while her Daddy looked on from his chair. Oh how she loved that chair and the many times she had spent curled up in her Daddy’s lap resting peacefully while the storms outside this oasis raged on.

Today she was there to play. Today she would spin and twirl and paint a picture or two. Today she would play a game of catch with her Daddy. Today they were there to enjoy the wide open space and whatever fun their hearts could dream.

As she was playing she noticed something different about the field. The field had always been full of flowers in various stages of growth. Some were buds, some were just beginning to open and others were in full bloom and color. Today all the flowers were in full bloom and full of color so bright she almost had to turn away. That is when she noticed. That is when she noticed the brightness was not from the color of the petals. The flowers were so bright because this day instead of soaking in the sun, they were letting the light shine out. This day, all the light they had taken in for their growth was being transmitted out into the world. Bright beams of brilliant light flowing freely from each beautiful flower.

This day was the day the light was released.

As she followed the beams out to the farthest spot she could see where they were going. These lights had been released into the storms. These lights were the beginning of the end of the darkness.


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