Book Review: Finding God in the Bible


I know! That does seem like a pretty obvious place to find God doesn’t it? It is His word so why wouldn’t He be in there? The whole thing is His story.

“What crazy prophets, fickle followers and dangerous outlaws reveal about friendship with God.”

Friendship with God? Friendship with the Creator of the Universe and everything in it? Friendship with the one who has the power to turn you into a pillar of salt? Friendship with someone who might ask you to sacrifice your only son and promise on an altar?

Oh, maybe you would want to be friends with someone who could part a sea or raise your friend from the dead or turn that glass of water into wine. Maybe we could all use a friend like that.

I’d like to be friends with the guy who weeps with his friends loss even when he knows they won’t be weeping much longer. I’d like to be friends with the guy who can stop the stones about to be chucked at my head with a few strokes written in the dirt and a simple question. I’d like to be friends with someone with eyes so full of fire and love that I could never turn away.

It must take a pretty flawless life to be God’s friend, huh? You must have to work pretty hard to get into that circle of fellowship. I wonder how many visits to the secret place gets you an invite to that party?

Can you really be friends with God?

Well, if the Bible is any indication of such a possibility, of course you can. If the eyes of people who claim to have that kind of relationship with Him means anything, then the answer is yes.


Ask Him…and then sit back and watch what He does.

I did that several weeks ago and He hid the book I was reading so I would have to pick up a different one. Seriously! I could not find it. I needed a book and this one was right in the line of sight, Finding God in the Bible by Darren Wilson. I grabbed it and didn’t look to see what it was about until I was sitting on a park bench digging in.

“Learn to hear the thundering beauty of His voice, and begin your own crazy, life-changing friendship with your Creator.”

Of course if we are going to have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe we are going to need to do more than read a book that some filmmaker has written, but I think his perspectives will give you some fresh insight into some stories you may have read all your life. He may just point out some things about God and how he relates to us humans as His friends that you didn’t see before. He may make you want to go dig around for your own hidden treasure written right there in plain sight. He might stir in you a passion to really pursue that friendship you’ve always wanted but didn’t realize you could have in the One who created you.

Or maybe it wasn’t the author who stirred all that up…

Want to see what kind of person you need to be to be friends with God? This book is a great place to start if you haven’t already. It’s a great place to get some fresh insight if you’ve already begun that friendship. And frankly, it was just fun to read.


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