Fresh Tasty Goodness

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! – Psalm 34:8

This afternoon the first part of that verse came to mind while I was driving and a conversation ensued. I asked God to show me what that means, the taste and see part. What exactly does that really look like? Well, it’s not like fast food. After that answer I don’t know if I went into pondering on my own, or if the thoughts that followed were from Him. Maybe it was a little of both. He wants a relationship so maybe He allowed our thoughts to run together.

I started thinking about fresh food vs. processed food and the way they look and taste different. One is brighter, crisper, cleaner. One is full of extra stuff we really don’t need or want in our bodies. One needs to be used up rather quickly while the other one can sit around in a warehouse somewhere for weeks or months before it ever makes it into your shopping cart and then it still has an expiration date weeks out. The thought of one makes my mouth water. The thought of the other makes my stomach hurt.

I imagine a fresh, juicy, crispy apple to sink my teeth into vs. a bag of shriveled up, dried apples. One just seems much more appealing.

I’m still in the process of pondering Him as my Source and getting to know Him as my friend. I think that may take a while…a lifetime. I started thinking of the ways we preserve our Christian walk and keep it from being fresh. I like a good packaged Bible study with DVDs and study guides all ready to go as soon as I walk in the store. I’ve participated in my fair share of the more popular ones. I’ve learned and grown from the content of each of those. I think they have their place. I love to read books written by my favorite authors that teach me something about Him I didn’t know before. I enjoy sermons and retreats and conferences where others have spent hours preparing so that I could come in, sit down and receive what they have in a 30-45 minute presentation. Maybe that’s the equivalent to Fast Food. It meets a need. It teaches you something about Him. But someone else prepared it for you. You didn’t have to spend hours on your own looking thru recipes, gathering the ingredients and slaving in the kitchen. You just show up and eat.

But what if to taste and see that the Lord is good…really taste and see…we need to do something besides dine on fast food. What if we need to do more than show up and grab something off the shelf. Maybe He wants something a little more organic from us. Maybe He wants us to walk in the dirt among the trees and pull down some fresh fruit for ourselves. Maybe part of tasting and seeing His goodness starts with a fresh look for ourselves. Maybe in those quiet moments with Him we will find something that we just have to eat daily because we don’t want it to lose its freshness. Maybe we will see and taste something so sweet that nothing packaged or preserved by those before us will ever satisfy the same way again.

Maybe there really is something to fresh, organic food after all.


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