A Walk to Forget

I went on a walk tonight to see if I could find the inspiration that I need to finish out the week in Sparky’s Blog Challenge with a post…or begin it depending on which day of the week you begin.

I made one lap around the block and my chocolate lab was about to strangle herself to get to the two basset hounds walking in front of us. Do you know how slow a basset hound is compared to a crazed chocolate lab? We weren’t actually behind them the entire time. Hershey had already tried to take my arm off chasing the bunnies who were enjoying a nice relaxing evening in their front yards when the crazy lab showed up. We had already passed another mom and her little dog and disgruntled teenage daughter out for a walk. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like one of them was hoping to be traveling by car instead of by foot. We had also already encountered a skipping girl and her skateboard brother and tattooed father who was very complimentary of my chocolate lab. (insert raised eyebrow)

That’s not exactly the inspiration I was hoping for but some days it’s all I have.

Hey, you could be reading about salad ingredients right now…don’t think it didn’t cross my mind.


2 thoughts on “A Walk to Forget

  1. thiedeann says:

    Who was walking whom?

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