Next step?

Introduce yourself in 75 words or less…

That is my assignment for a new writing group I am going to be checking out tonight during an online party. I don’t know what this party will look like or what will come of this potential new adventure, but I’ve pondered what to do with this blog and where I might want to go with my writing for a while and this opportunity presented itself, so here we go.

So…my introduction to this group…and the rest of you…in 75 words or less.

I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to read, ponder, blog and Facebook.  I have a wonderful husband who my readers and friends know as “the handsome fella”. I  am mom to two beautiful, smart and talented daughters. My blog includes a mix of family events, personal journal entries and spiritual musings. My hope is that there will always been something here to encourage my readers on their own spiritual journey.

There you have it!


One thought on “Next step?

  1. Thank you Laurie – love your humor!

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