A New Way to Begin

I’ve got a friend who started up a group she is calling Quiet Time with Our Daddy. It’s just a few of her friends who are committing to beginning their day with God before they do anything else. I’ve committed to join her and I have to tell you resisting the urge to turn the alarm off on the smart phone and then check all the social media apps and email boxes for notifications and new emails was no small feat this morning. We will see how this goes. It’s not meant to be an exercise in rule following or legalism. It’s just one friend wanting to encourage others with something that has transformed her life. I like that about my friend!

We do have a devotional book and a cd so we will all be on the same page…at least for the first part of the time and then its all up to God and what He chooses to speak into each person after that as they sit alone with Him. I think I’m going to really like this new twist on a bible study with my friends. 🙂

Want to hear a sampling of the cd I’ll be starting my day with for a while? I’m finding them great to end the day with too! 🙂




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