Dating Game

Hey! Pssst! Guess who I met for the first time 19 years ago tomorrow! I bet if I held a contest on here some of you could even tell me what he was wearing and what he was driving. He was just telling our daughters the story of our first date a few days ago. They acted like they hadn’t ever heard it before. I know they have…many times. I think its pretty cool that they let him tell it over and over like it’s the first time he has ever shared it with them. 🙂 I LOVE that he still wants to tell the story 19 years later!! I LOVE that he agreed to that first date! I’m SUPER glad the handsome fella in the book at the dating service didn’t stay in the book!

Let’s see how many people know our story.

Fill in the blanks by commenting if you know the answers.

Where did we meet?

What movie did we see on our first date?

What restaurant did he take me to?

What was he wearing?

What kind of vehicle did he drive?

I haven’t checked, but I am pretty sure the answers to these questions can be found somewhere in this blog. Happy hunting! 🙂


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