Serving Communion…Take One

A couple of weeks ago during our Saturday evening worship service I had the privilege of serving communion along with my handsome fella for the first time, ever. Oh sure, I’ve passed the plate on to the person next to me or even stood up to take it further down the pew and hand it off to someone I couldn’t reach in a seated position, but I’ve never gotten to be a part of the team assigned to actually serve communion during the worship service.

My fella has been chomping at the bit for me to share my experience on here. I actually think he’s been chomping at the bit to post it on his Facebook timeline and didn’t want to steal my thunder. Or maybe he wants me to post about it because this is the place I process my thoughts best and he will know what it actually meant to me. 🙂

I have to tell you I was so excited to get that opportunity for the first time. It may not sound like much, but to me it was an opportunity to be a part of helping others commune with Jesus. It was an opportunity to take part in a tangible way in bringing others into a place of remembrance of the One this whole thing is all about. It was a place of service that honors the sacrifice of the Son of God that was made for ALL of us. And not just the sacrifice Jesus made, but, really, the one God and Holy Spirit made. The more I learn about that Threesome, the more I realize they can’t be separated and what affected one, affected the other. I believe that includes the one we, unfortunately, often forget to mention, Holy Spirit.

So, how did it go? What was it like to serve communion for the first time? Was it as wonderful as I imagined?

What if I told you there was a bit of disappointment in it for me? What if I told you it wasn’t as much “fun” as I imagined it would be? I love to serve. It’s really part of my DNA. I was taught from a young age in my spiritual journey to be a servant. We sang “make me a servant, Lord make me like you” more times than I could count and I really meant it when I sang it. So why would this have had even a hint of disappointment for me? Why would serving others communion be the least bit disappointing?


Have you ever been so focused on doing something right that you missed the joy in actually doing it at all? Have you ever been so focused on YOU that you couldn’t really see THEM? Have you ever been so caught up in performance that you missed the bigger picture? Have you ever taken your eyes off of Him right in the middle of serving Him? Uh, well, that is what happened to me. Unfortunately, that is what happens to me more often than I’d like to admit, but sometimes it pays to be a bit real and tell you I DON’T have this thing all together…by a long shot!

My handsome fella wasn’t focused on himself during this act of service. He was actually taking in the whole thing and treasuring every minute of it, including the song being played by the worship team. He was enjoying serving and watching me do something I’d always wanted to do. He was savoring the chance to get to serve communion along with his wife. I was busy making sure I passed the plates down the right aisles without dropping them in someone’s lap or bouncing them noisily off the floor. I was busy making sure I didn’t make a mistake! I even forgot to grab my cracker and juice so that I could join in the communion once everyone was served. Thankfully I did remember that in time!

Everyone was served. Everyone was given the opportunity to commune with Jesus and thank him for his sacrifice. Everyone was given a chance to remember. I got in the way of myself, but fortunately not in the way of anyone else that day. I didn’t get in the way of what God wanted to give my handsome fella in that moment. Thankfully, God can work thru me even when I’m in the way.

I get another chance to serve communion in a few weeks. Next time I plan to keep my eyes on Him!

Oh…and do you take part in communion at your church? Do you pass the plate? What if you began to look at that differently? What if it is more than just handing the tray down the row? What if THAT is your chance to share communion with the person sitting right next to you? What if THAT is your chance to be a part of them communing with Him? What if you don’t have to be on a team to participate in sharing His body and blood with just one other person?

And the song? I don’t think my fella will ever forget…


One thought on “Serving Communion…Take One

  1. Khadija says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the one lovely blog award..check it out

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