A Walk to Think or Thank or Clap Along

Tonight I decided a long walk might do me good. I thought I’d share a few of the things I decided to be thankful for while I was walking alone in the dark.

  • The world is round so I don’t have to worry that I will fall off and leave a mark no matter how far I walk.
  • I live in a time and place where I can download Happy on my smart phone while walking down the sidewalk.
  • I have the choice to listen to happy songs or sad songs, fast songs or slow songs with the push of a button.
  • There are no laws against eating breakfast for dinner.
  • School is back in session and I am free for breakfast and lunch plans with friends.
  • I have the freedom to talk about God and His ways anywhere I want without fear and have friends who enjoy those conversations.
  • God has given me the freedom to choose what kinds of seed I will sew in this life.
  • I didn’t trip while texting and walking.
  • Homework is not going to last until after midnight tonight.
  • I have a hot water heater, running water and bubbles

Refer to #10 above if you wonder why this post ended so abruptly.



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